I used to be one of those kids whose mother had to say over and over again, to make their bed.

I never liked it. It felt like a silly, time wasting thing to do. Why make my bed if I was going to mess it up again later that night?

So when I became an adult ** insert happy cheers of presupposed freedom** I rarely made my bed every morning.

I have tremendous discipline when it comes to my work; maybe that’s why I felt it’s okay to overlook smaller things. Like taking 2 minutes in the morning to make my bed.

Until I came across Admiral McRaven’s speech.

It struck a chord in my heart. I found it so inspirational and empowering.

Sharks terrify me. A photo of them alone can send shivers down my spine. But sharks don’t only swim in dark murky waters, sometimes they put on a nice shirt and walk around on two legs.

And I will call their spade a spade and I will not back down.

Diplomacy, is a funny word. With an even funnier definition. Funny, as in tricky. But we have all been given a voice, and I choose to use it. They can take my microphone away, but they cannot take away my voice.

Needless to say, I do not leave the house with an unmade bed anymore.

Christina x