Happy 2018 guys! Wishing you a year of health, love and prosperity!

I wanted to share with you a little tradition I’ve created for myself.

Every New Years’ Day, I open a little box in which I keep little colorful post-it notes from the past year.

I noticed how we tend to forget those little “mental notes” we tell ourselves to remember when things aren’t going that great, or when we are feeling a bit blue. I also noticed how the bad most of the times can overshadow the good. So during the entire year, I write on those little bright post-its, things that made me happy on a certain day. It could be something major. Or it could be the simplest of things. As long as it gave me that warm feeling of joy inside, I will write it down.

And every New Years Day, I open that box and out comes a rush of color and I get to see that yeah, last year wasn’t so bad. It was actually lovely; with little blessings that made me smile, on little colorful post-it notes.

And what better way to start a fresh new year with a smile and a feeling of contentment.

I’ve been doing it for some years now and I would totally recommend it 🙂

Christina x

Little blessings of 2017