11150793_889194457839331_7816231736728092517_nI was passing by this children’s clothes store today and I was shocked by a top they have in the window.

30% Happy   10% Angry   60% Hungry!

What messed up message are we giving young girls with this? Note that this store is a children’s  clothes store and I was shocked to see with what ease we are telling young girls that they have to starve, have an attitude and necessarily, that it’s okay to not be happy.

I grew up in the 90s; I did not own a cell phone, we did not have Facebook and social media, I played a lot outside with other children and no one ever told me I have to be skinny in order to be ‘pretty’.

What’s wrong with our world today is that we are constantly projecting a misguided image of ‘beauty’ and young girls everywhere feel a pressure that they have to live up to that. Instead of trying to produce endless copies of duckfaced, big boobed, skinny women, why don’t we invest in educating young people that beauty is about what’s inside, and as for the outside, it comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

In my opinion, children should be happy, 100%. And their childhood should be able to provide them the appropriate education, critical thinking and self confidence to grow up into healthy thinking adults.

Christina x