I had my birthday a few days ago.

I was standing in the middle of my living room, blushing with joy, surrounded by my friends and the people I love, singing “Happy birthday” in English and Greek and I took a moment before blowing out my candles to think how blessed I am, and what a year this has been.

Because 365 days ago, it was a whole different story.

And not a happy one.

I feel that this past year has marked a steep learning curve in my life. It took me past my fears and into my dreams. It took away from me what I thought was dear -even though emotionally draining- but what it gave in return was even better.

But that’s exactly how it works: when you’re in the middle of a storm, you can’t see the sunlight. But it’s there. You just have to make it through the clouds to see it.

I know we all have our ups and downs and when things are rough it’s almost impossible to believe that things will ever get better.

But what I want you to know, is that it does get better.

So just before blowing out my candles this year, I couldn’t help but think of that line I said every night in the show “Grande Midlife Mocha Latte”:

“Life’s funny that way. Taking you where you don’t want to go, only to give you exactly what you need. I didn’t see it then, but I do now. And I’m not taking any of it for granted. None on it.”

And trust me, I felt it to the bone.


Christina x