ALIVEOfficially my first job in television came just before my 18th birthday, in July of 2003 when I was selected after a long casting process to be one of the five presenters of the daily live music TV show called “@live”, directed by Constantinos Heracleous.

The show was broadcast daily on Sigma TV in the mornings and initially was going to be a 3 month project over the summer.

Due to its immense success they decided to keep us on after the summer season was over. They changed its time and after school, a taxi would wait for us at the school gate to take us to the station. I had approximately 20 minutes to get out of my school uniform, have my make up done, catch my breath and be one air smiling.

Needless to say, it was an interesting year.

I left “@live” in September 2004 to go to Athens to begin my studies in acting.



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