In English


‘I Hate my Purse’ – Love Loss and What I Wore


“Grande Midlife Mocha Latte” by Angela Matich




“Caterina: The Last Queen of Cyprus” by Anthie Zachariadou



“74” by Paul Lambis



“Eleonora of Cyprus” by Anthie Zachariadou




“The Good Body” by Eve Ensler



In Greek

“Caterina Cornaro” for Must Fashion 19 by Anthie Zachariadou


“A Few Good Men” (Κωδικός Κόκκινο) by Aaron Sorkin





“8 Femmes” (8 Γυναίκες Κατηγορούνται) by Robert Thomas (Greek)




“Mr and Mrs Nicolaides Sex Life” by Demetra Papadopoulou (Greek)



“Sight Unseen” by Donald Margulies (Greek)


“Μάνα Κουράγιο” Μπρεχτ


“Touch and Go” by Derek Benfield (Greek)



“California Dreamin'” by Vasilis Katsikonouris (Greek)