I was honored and so excited when I was asked to present the “Starlight Music Night” on June 11th. A lovely evening, to celebrate the two year anniversary of the charity organization of Andrey & Julia Dashnin’s Foundation. The foundation aims to help families and children in need in Cyprus, this year it expanded its activities in order to contribute to the island’s cultural offerings. You can also check out the Foundation’s page on Facebook here.

The evening’s highlight was a wonderful concert free of charge under the stars at Skali Aglantzias, with the Cyprus Youth Symphony Orchestra, Gadjo Dilo and Maraveyas Ilegal. Hundreds of people gathered early on to enjoy this wonderful musical evening and the vibe from the audience was overwhelming.

Prior to the concert, a silent charity auction was held, of works of art and other items donated by well known Cypriot and Greek artists and athletes, as well as from the President of Cyprus and the First Lady.

Apart from its already established generous help to the local community, the Andrey & Julia Foundation with this year’s “Starlight Music Night” supported the Miracle Babies Association, which aims to raise awareness about premature babies and to support the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Makarios Hospital in Nicosia. All proceeds from the fundraising activities of the evening were given to this cause.

I worked with dedicated professionals on this evening who brought together a beautiful and successful event, and I could’t have asked for a more qualified group of people to spend a warm June evening with.

The talented and all round awesome designer Vera Kakoutsi kindly gave me one of her own designs, a gorgeous gown to wear to this wonderful event.

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