DSC05834“Showtime” was a weekly TV show about movies ον CyBC. The director Andreas Aristodemou called me up and said he really wanted to work with me. He had the idea of a movie themed show for some time and thought that now was to time to implement it.

I loved the idea and he is such a great person to work with; “Showtime” began its 3 year run in 2006.

Apart from hosting, it was the first show where I had more responsibilities and control; I wrote most of the scripts, had a say over the content and did all the voice over work required. “Showtime” also earned me a nomination for “Favorite TV Host” in 2007 in the annual “Tilefil” awards.

After the 2009 TV season was over, I decided to not go forward with the show. Up until then, I was familiar to people and audiences as a TV show host. However, I had recently finished my acting degree and really wanted audiences to accept me and view me as a performer. So, since I really wanted to immerse myself into acting, I had to distance myself from my presenter persona for a while.


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