I’m so excited to participate in this year’s Toronto Fringe Festival with this amazing play by Angela Matich. It was such an amazing experience bringing these 5 women to life on stage!

Mooney on Theater considered our show a Top 20 Rave in this year’s Toronto Fringe (see the review here)

Now Toronto also reviewed our show and you can read it all here.

Grande Midlife Mocha Latte: Straight, gay, single, married, pregnant… will these 5 women survive midlife or die trying? A must-see sexy, funny and sometimes shocking one-woman show premiering in Toronto.

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Audiences will discover the answers to life’s hard questions can be comical, sad and sometimes a surprise. Inspired by her own midlife crisis, Toronto artist Angela Matich says, “I set-off to write, direct and produce a play to explore the controversial issues women face in midlife. Regardless of race, religion or even sexual preference, all woman have shared experiences with the themes of love, sex, work, family and the question of having kids.”

Straight in from Cyprus, the talented Cypriot-Canadian actor Christina Marouchou takes to the Toronto stage for this interesting one-woman 90-minutes show—Grande Midlife Mocha Latte. Ms. Marouchou gives a powerful performance playing multiple characters from the humorous often cursing-mad Roxy who has recently separated from her husband to Helen who just learned her unborn baby is with Down Syndrome. Christina carefully reveals the soft underbelly of each of the five different characters—straight, gay, single, married, pregnant— endearing them to the audience as they go through the full experience of the midlife journey.

Rated: 18+ for sexual content and swearing



“Marouchou transforms herself completely from one woman to the next. (…) the result is a complex patchwork quilt of women’s experiences that is funny, moving and relatable to anyone.”

Glenn Sumi, Now Toronto

Now Toronto Full Review

“Christina Marouchou did a tremendous job developing chemistry with the audience and the unseen auxiliary characters. Sometimes, I felt like I wasn’t watching a show, but rather catching up with an old friend. It was the way Marouchou would maintain eye contact and make you feel the emotional tensions of her characters. (…) Throughout Grande Midlife Mocha Latte I laughed and cried. I felt hopeful, devastated, awe-struck, and disappointed. In the end, I felt great joy and a deep appreciation for life in general. It’s a touching play that represents the best that the Toronto Fringe Festival has to offer.”

Avneet Sharma, Mooney on Theater

Mooney on Theater Full Review


Meet the 5 ladies of Grande Midlife Mocha Latte: