Christina Marouchou


Humans Of New York

I’ve been following this amazing page for some time and I’m always drawn to the beauty of these incredible stories of everyday people.

I’ve read that Humans of New York is soon to become a documentary-series and the trailer gave me goosebumps!

Life’s Funny That Way

So just before blowing out my candles this year, I couldn’t help but think of that line I said every night in the show “Grande Midlife Mocha Latte”:

“Life’s funny that way. Taking you where you don’t want to go, only to give you exactly what you need. I didn’t see it then, but I do now. And I’m not taking any of it for granted. None on it.”

And trust me, I felt it to the bone.

Caterina Goes To New York *BLOG*


Snakes And Ladders

Christos Lazanias from Politis newspaper invited me for a game of Snakes and Ladders and a chat over coffee a few weeks ago.

Our chat was featured on the newspapers’ Web TV and even though I lost the game, I had an excellent time!

Actors Life 101 -Pay Day

My mother up until a few years ago used to ask me “when am I gonna get a real job?”.

I consider myself a quite smart individual and yet, I had to ask the obvious in this case: “what do you mean a real job?”

I Only Want To See You Laughing In the Purple Rain

When an icon passes, the first feeling you get is that of disbelief.

How can such a brilliant, charismatic, talented person cease to be?

10 Happy Years

It’s funny actually when you think about it.

I never actually thought of myself being one of those voices coming out of the radio. I always wanted to be an actress.

And yet, life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

A Night As Queen In Oslo

The show I was performing during the summer “Caterina: The Last Queen of Cyprus” directed by Andreas Araouzos was invited by the Oslo Literature House for a performance.

Needless to say we were thrilled and it was such an unforgettable experience. The audience had a chance to learn about an important part of Cyprus history through the story of Catherine Cornaro.

I’m On Air

Thursday was a fun day… to be on air!

One More Royal Night

Needless to say, I’m really delighted about this particular performance and quite nervous too. Started re-studying and rehearsing the lovely script of Anthie Zachariadou.