I don’t like playing favorite with the shows I choose to do, but this one might be an exception. I have wanted to do this play for years, but since I’ve been living in Cyprus, I thought it would be difficult to be given to opportunity to do it in English.

But the stars somehow aligned in my heart’s desire and I found myself in the Anglo Cypriot Theater (ACT) production of “Venus in Fur”.

Rarely do you find such a delicious combination of comedy and drama, a challenging female lead role that every laugh is then followed by a gasp. A playful comedy and a masterful exploration of the art of acting- onstage and off.

The New York Times described it as “90 minutes of good, kinky fun” and it really is!

I had the pleasure to work again with the talented and charismatic David Dimitriou, under the direction of James Mackay.

Thomas has written a theatrical play based on Leopold Von Sacher Masoch’s infamous novel “Venus in Fur”, the book that gave the world the word “masochism”. Desperately trying to find his leading lady, in walks clueless Vanda –terribly late to her audition- and disappoints with her lack of manners, sophistication and talent. Or is she more than meets the eye?