10397015_306914086138281_8931770251718702772_oMr. and Mrs. Nicolaides is an interactive comedy written by one of Greece’s favorite comedians Dimitra Papadopoulou. This play was a huge success in Athens and was on stage for three sold out years. This success was followed by an also sold out tour in Cyprus in the summer of 2014.

Mr and Mrs Nicolaides are experiencing a personal crisis in their relationship in the general financial crisis and a famous sex therapist undertakes the challenging task to solves their issues, by placing them in a group therapy, which of course involves… the audience! Actors and the audience all become one in the group therapy process under the direction of this uncanny doctor who tries to guide them all to find their sexual happiness.

Dimitra Papadopoulou has written an interactive comedy about human relations, how they wear and tear in the daily routine and how one attempts to regenerate them. The public decides for the couple’s fate in the most democratic way: through elections! Viewers vote twice during the show and therefore determine how Mr and Mrs Papadopoulos’ lives turn out. The result changes from night to night. We believe that the element of interactivity is an innovative component which tears down the walls between actors and audience and therefore develops new means of expression and hence enriches the research work in the theater with new ways of interpretation.

Athena Xenidou directed and produced the Cyprus production of the play which was sold out and also added extra shows due to its popular demand. As Mrs Nicolaides, I had the lovely Lefteris Zambetakis as Mr Nicolaides and the amazing Ieroklis Michaelides as the sex therapist.


Moiostrov and Brilliant Cypriots were kind enough to interview me about this production.


From the comedy Mr and Mrs Nicolaides Sexlife 1 From the comedy Mr and Mrs Nicolaides Sexlife10


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From the comedy Mr and Mrs Nicolaides Sexlife  From the comedy Mr and Mrs Nicolaides Sexlife8

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