Helen the ProstituteANT1 brought the sensational bestseller by Annita Nicholas to television in 2010 in a series of 78 episodes. The book that was read by tens of thousands of readers, came to life on the small screen as one of the most popular series in Cypriot television, with an audience share of over 50%.

This is the true story of the beautiful prostitute Helen, who was persecuted by her mother at the age of 15 from her home in Paphos, to lie unprotected in the hands of pimps and brothels at the Heroes Square in Limassol.

Her true story unfolds under the direction of Vasos Vasou before the eyes of the viewers, and Helen with the goodness and strength of her soul tells her story, and leaves no viewer unmoved. The series featured a large number of cast with Cyprus’ most gifted and talented actors. I had a recurring role in the series, I portrayed Chrystalla, who had suffered a similar fate to Helen, but managed to escape from the brothel where she had been kept. With the help of her husband and Helen’s brother, Chrystalla vows to find Helen and save her from prostitution.


'Chrystalla' in 'Helen the Prostitute' 'Chrystalla' in 'Helen the Prostitute' 2 Helen the Prostitute elenihporni28 elenihporni23 DSC_0102_2 σάρωση0010 (3) Christina TvMania