n1059927680_174980_2647Energy 107,6 to me is not just a music radio station; it’s home, it’s family and it marked one of the best periods of my life. A two hour show on nationwide hit radio station was not just a job; it brought amazing people into my life who still I have the honor and privilege to call my friends and colleagues.

I had been a fan of the station for some time so when I got a call to come in for a casting, I was to say the least, thrilled.

For a about a month, I had extensive daily training by the wonderful and all round awesome Alex James, to whom I still owe everything I have learned and done since in radio.

On March 31st 2006 I had my first “Lunch Time Lounge“. Apart from my daily two hour show, I also had a 3 hour show on Saturdays “The Saturday Brunch”.

One of the most notable things we did on Energy 107,6 is the Live Earth Concerts. In 2007, we got the broadcasting rights of the event. It was a day-long event that took place on July 7th and consisted of a series of concerts taking place in major cities all over the world, to raise awareness of the climate crisis. Important artists of the music industry participated, among them Madonna, Shakira, Metallica, The Black Eye Peas, Bon Jovi and many many others. In cooperation with UNDP Cyprus (United Nations Development Program) we broadcast a 12 hour non-stop show, interviewing people, broadcasting music segments of the various concerts and transmitting the glorious feeling and energy those concerts had to offer.

Moreover, in 2009 I had the privilege to travel to London for the Brit Awards as part of my job as a radio show host on Energy 107,6. We had got the broadcasting rights of the show and I was sent to London for the correspondence of the event.


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