DSC_0337Straight after drama school I found myself in the wonderful process of rehearsals for a new play. One of my acting professors, Mr George Mouaimis was directing the latest work by Greek playwright Vasilis Katsikonouris, a comedy called”California Dreamin'” and I was cast as one of the female leads along with Simo Tsiakka, Giorgo Tsiakka and Dora Dimitro.

The play is about the lives of a group of after-teen individuals. Dinos, the leader of the gang, is trying to organize a robbery at his uncle Pepo’s house to get the necessary money to travel to California with his buddy and to avoid military service. Here are a series of failed robbery plans involving Ari’s girl, Gioulie, and Dino’s girlfriend, Kiki. Uncle Pepo  seems  to play a catalytic role in the lives of these youngesters, because every encounter with him is a surprise for them.

The play was a production of Theater Dionysos in Nicosia and we had the honor to meet the playwright as he came to watch one of our performances in January 2009.

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