I just love it when I get the chance to play in a good old Greek comedy! “A Crazy Crazy 40-year Old” (Μια τρελλή τρελλή σαραντάρα) is a play by the writing duo Alekos Sakellarios and Christos Giannakopoulos, written in the 60s. The play was then made into a film in 1970 with Rena Vlachopoulou in the lead and it became very popular, and it’s considered one of the classics of Greek cinema even today.

Behind her siblings’ back, Jenny, a free-spirited widow engages in a fervent affair with a violin virtuoso, ignoring a much older suitor who wants to win her heart. Should she get stuck in a loveless marriage or should she follow her passion?

We premiered on July 12th 2019 at Theatro Dionysos in Nicosia and have been touring Cyprus the rest of the summer with this fun and funny show.