I could barely contain myself when our show “Caterina: The Last Queen of Cyprus” was invited to perform at the United Solo Theater Festival 2017 in New York City!

This is such an honor as the United Solo Festival is held annually and presents shows with one actor, from all over the world. This November we will tell the powerful and moving story of Catherine Cornaro, the last queen of Cyprus at the Row Theater on 42nd street in New York.

Needless to say, I. CANNOT. WAIT.!

It’s funny how things turn out sometimes, especially when you least expect it. “Caterina: The Last Queen of Cyprus” was the show that brought me and -my now good friend- the amazing director Andreas Araouzos together for the first time. We had 16 days from the first reading until our premiere and I was sick with anxiety and stress. We had only planned 3 shows, but they quickly sold out and we ended up doing a total of 12, among them, a show at the Presidential Palace under the auspice of the First Lady and a show in Olso, Norway.

I never thought, when I first got the script in my hands that a) I could ever learn it in time (it’s an hour monologue!) and b) it would turn out to be such an amazing and emotionally gratifying journey.

I write this post with love and excitement, humbled and determined to give my best.

Check out our show’s page on the United Solo website here and all the participants of this years festival here.

Christina x



Press coverage of our New York show:

“The compelling, true story is told with a remarkable subtlety and skill by Marouchou who never resorts to tricks to share this tale. (…) The range of emotions throughout the play allow Marouchou to showcase her talents even though the play is just under an hour long”

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