Caterina Cornaro came into my life 4 years ago and if you’ve been following this blog you’ll know what an insanely rewarding journey it has been. Recently director Andreas Araouzos was asked to direct the opening of the Must Fashion 2019 awards, and as the evening was dedicated to the last queen of Cyprus, Anthie Zachariadou wrote a shorter version of her life -this time in Greek. I was in Canada shooting a film recently but on my breaks from the shoot I would learn those beautifully written melodic words of Anthie Zachariadou, presenting Caterina Cornaro’s life in iambic pentameter.

I trusted myself once again in Andreas Araouzo’s skillful hands, and putting on that gorgeous costume by Rea Olymbiou, we were set to tell the intriguing story of this iconic woman. We had the show last Monday, at the old Nicosia Municipality under the beautiful Cyprian sky.

The team of Must magazine that hosted the event covered the opening and you can see it here.


*photos and the video of the event from