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10 Happy Years

It’s funny actually when you think about it.

I never actually thought of myself being one of those voices coming out of the radio. I always wanted to be an actress.

And yet, life is what happens when you’re making other plans.

I’m On Air

Thursday was a fun day… to be on air!


Carlsberg in Cyprus is supporting Movember and was thoughtful enough to send to all radio producers goodie bags at Ant1 FM. The boys got all the shaving essentials but the cool thing was that as I am the only woman, Carlsberg included me in the campaign by sending me a custom made goodie bag with hair and skin products.

Join us ON AIR

Ant1 FM pioneered again, this time bringing the radio show hosts closer to the audience.

By setting up a specialized booth with a camera, screen and headset, the “On Air” Box was then sent to Paphos, at the King’s Avenue Mall -for starters- and we had the chance to interact with our listeners.