Christina Marouchou


Sneak Peek

Today was a really exciting day.

I’ve been asked to join a wonderful group of beautiful actresses and models for a Fashion Charity Calendar for “Kivotos”; a charity addressing and helping children and adolescence with developmental disorders.

Me Likey

Today Hurts released their third album “Surrender” and I can’t get enough of their single “Lights” from this album.

On-repeat-dancing-in-the-kitchen-in-heels sort of can’t get enough.

Not only do I find it to be a fine smooth tune, it also has a smashing, work of art, video clip.

Join us ON AIR

Ant1 FM pioneered again, this time bringing the radio show hosts closer to the audience.

By setting up a specialized booth with a camera, screen and headset, the “On Air” Box was then sent to Paphos, at the King’s Avenue Mall -for starters- and we had the chance to interact with our listeners.

A Lovely Review

Mrs Nona Moleski wrote a wonderful review on the production stating among others that “The elegance and good taste are permanent features of the productions of Alphasquare, or Andrea Araouzou.”

I feel so blessed to have been part of this.

The Wrong Message

I was passing by this children’s clothes store today and I was shocked by a top they have in the window.

30% Happy 10% Angry 60% Hungry!

What messed up message are we giving young girls with this?

The Royals Are Back In Town

I never liked September. Mainly because it always brought the end of summer which happens to be my favorite season.

However, this September is shaping out to be a lovely one.

And a very royal one indeed!

Faith In Humanity Restored